St. Obama’s Christmas Sacrifice

by Mark Edward Taylor on December 22, 2011

P resident Obama’s most difficult decision this Christmas may not be whether to compromise with the Republicans over the payroll tax extension. Instead, he will have to choose whether to join his family in Hawaii or remain in Washington over the Christmas holiday. Since the president has insisted that members of Congress stay in town to come to a deal on the tax extension, he appears obliged to do the same. “We can all spend Christmas here together,” Obama said earlier this month, and now seems to be carrying through on his recommendation.

The president’s sacrificial offering should play well with voters, as he appears to be shoring up his saintly status as a politician and as a father. He for his two girls—a trip to Best Buy yielded video games, including “Just Dance 3,” as well as iTunes gift cards—and for Bo the dog. The First Dog joined the president at PetSmart to pick out a couple of chew toys. On his last stop, Obama picked up three pizzas—the symbolic food item of men living alone—from Del Rey Pizzeria.

T he conservative Fox News headline read, “What Payroll Tax Fight? Obama Goes Christmas Shopping With Bo.” But by postponing—and possibly cancelling—his trip to Hawaii, the president seems to be leveraging his own saintly spin on the holiday proceedings that even conservative media can’t easily tarnish.

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