“Occupy Obama” Protests President Obama

by Mark Edward Taylor on December 20, 2011

P resident Obama’s Osawatomie speech earlier this month, in which he proposed that the rich pay their “fair share” to address income inequality, doesn’t appear to have convinced all of the faithful from 2008. While it may have aimed to fire up the believing base for his 2012 re-election campaign, there is a contingent that seems to feel they’ve been burned. Occupy Des Moines protesters joined members of Veterans for Peace and other community activist groups over the weekend to challenge the president to “return our country’s economic and political life back to the 99%” by making “the dismantling of the US military empire” his “number one foreign policy priority.”

T he small group of about 30 protesters attempted to shut down Obama’s Iowa reelection campaign headquarters, but the offices were closed for the day. The group hung a banner reading “Occupy Obama” from the roof and set up camp with two tents in front of the building, where some slept overnight. It seems that Obama’s populist rhetoric may not be effectively rebranding him the saintly and benevolent political figure as much as Team Obama had hoped for with at least some of the 99%.

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