How Strong Is Obama’s Charisma?

by Mark Edward Taylor on June 6, 2012

R abbi Ben Greenberg recently wrote on the dangers of leadership based solely on charisma: “Charisma, that character trait that one either has or does not have, can produce remarkable changes in other people. It can cause a near worship of the individual and the cause or ideology they represent. It can fulfill for people perhaps one of the most deeply felt needs of the human condition: to belong to something greater than ourselves. Charisma can produce wonderful results such as civic engagement and voter turnout, like it did in 2008, as untold numbers of young people, otherwise disaffected from politics, came to the voting booth attracted by the charisma of President Obama.”

“Yet, no matter how much one connects to their leader or how in touch they feel to the cause, the let down is inevitable. Even the most charming, persuasive and magnetic leader is, after all, only human and will eventually err and the enchantment will wear off.”

D o the majority of Americans still find Obama enchanting? Will his charisma be enough to carry the day come November?

Pick up the new ebook Charisma: Why Obama Will Beat Romney and let me know what you think.

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